FMQs LIVE: Sturgeons Brexit plot backfires – now faces leadership threat from own party

Brexit was expected to transform the debate for independence in Scotland but support appears to be stuck at the same levels as during the 2014 referendum.

Former Labour MP Tom Harris said the main reason is few “regard the 300-year-old social, political and economic Union as more important and more precious than a 50-year-old trade deal”.

The First Minister’s “Plan B is a long term one” to bring voters around to her thinking, Mr Harris said, as he argued the biggest threat to Ms Sturgeon now comes from “her own party members”.

He added: “There is absolutely no prospect of her party’s grip on Scottish politics being loosened any time soon.

“The biggest threat to her comes from her own party members, who are not prepared to wait for a whole generation before achieving their dream of separation from the UK.”


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Lateral flow tests surge in Scotland

The number of lateral flow tests carried out in Scotland increased by more than two-thirds last week. 

The latest figures from Public Health Scotland show a 67.1 percent increase in lateral flow testing in the week ending December 19. 

This means nearly 800,000 tests were carried out. 

Since November 2020 there have been 16,909,624 lateral flow tests reporting a result in Scotland.

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