French capped EDF to 4% – Britain capped at 54 MP in brilliant skewering of PM on bills

PMQs: Johnson and Starmer clash over energy supply policies

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Labour MP Grahame Morris challenged Boris Johnson to explain the cap difference as Britons report struggling with the increasing burden of energy bills. The country has been experiencing a challenging cost of living crisis, compounded by the incoming Nationa Insurance contribution rise and the ongoing war in Ukraine. Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr Morris said: “In addition to the increase in fuel prices, our constituents are reporting to us that the energy companies are doubling standing changers.

“In France, energy supply company EDF has had energy price rises to domestic costumers capped at 4 percent.

“But this Government’s price cap allows EDF to increase prices to UK costumers by 54 percent. My question is why?

The Prime Minister said: “We have an overall cap and, obviously, EDF is incorporated differently in the UK from its incorporation in France.

“But we will do everything in our power to abate the costs of energy across the country as we already are.

“But what it needs is a short term, medium-term, and long term energy strategy so that we have sustainable supplies.”


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