Game, set, match! George Galloway perfectly dismantles Sturgeon’s independence dream

Scotland ‘have more power than ever before’ says Eustice

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The former MP poured cold water over Ms Sturgeon perceived electoral victory in last week’s Scottish elections, pointing out “most Scots voted for pro-Union parties”. As a result, Mr Galloway claims no mandate exists for a second independence referendum and is adamant such a vote will not go ahead “in the lifetime of this parliament”.

Mr Galloway made the damning assessment in a comment piece for RT, where he confidently stated pro-union parties successfully prevented a second referendum.

He wrote: “So, there will NOT be a second Independence Referendum in the lifetime of this parliament.

“There is no ‘mandate’ for one (and neither could there have been one, such matters being reserved to Westminster).

“No Supreme Court will overturn the constitution of the UK at the behest of a minority government with a minority of votes cast and less than a third of the people behind them.”

The former MP added: “Neither will there be a ‘wildcat’ illegal referendum.

“No local authority would be permitted to administer one, the courts would forbid it, and if held in the streets the unionists to a man and woman would boycott it.”

Last week’s election saw the SNP hold on to their majority in the Scottish parliament but miss out on an overall majority by one seat.

Prior to the vote, Ms Sturgeon said Boris Johnson would have no choice but to grant her wish for a second independence referendum.

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Since the SNP secured a historic fourth term at Holyrood on the weekend, Ms Sturgeon told the Prime Minister a second vote is “a matter of when, not if”.

But Mr Galloway pointed out the 2021 election results is far from a personal victory for the First Minister, as she has twice failed to achieve a parliamentary majority.

He said: “The now anathematised Alex Salmond left his successor Nicola Sturgeon a parliamentary majority but she has, twice, thrown it away.”

He claimed the SNP only prevailed because of “split-unionist voting”.

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Mr Galloway added: “None of this a ‘triumph’ makes far less a mandate to have a second go for secession.

“Despite all the bluster, that is the long and short of it.”

The First Minister has said that even though the SNP fell short of an outright majority, a pro-independence majority exists between the SNP and the Scottish Greens.

However, the Scottish Tories immediately countered this and highlighted that the number of individual votes cast for pro-union parties was greater than those for pro-independence parties.

Michael Gove reiterated this in an interview with Sky on Sunday.

He said: “If you look at the votes cast in constituencies in Scotland, more people voted for parties that were opposed to an independence referendum than those that might entertain that prospect.”

The cabinet minister added: “the SNP did not get a majority in this election and also, critically, we had a campaign in which all of the party leaders acknowledge that the single most important thing was dealing with the pandemic.”

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