GB News Simon McCoy shames MP over fresh Scottish independence bid Stronger together!

Scotland: Simon McCoy grills MP over independence bid

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GB News presenter Simon McCoy has challenged Alba MP Neale Hanvey over calls for independence in Scotland. McCoy argued that Scotland would be better served within the UK in dealing with post-Brexit challenges. The GB News host also challenged SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon’s priorities and focus on independence as Scotland emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Hanvey argued in response that Scotland could only emerge from the “Brexit nightmare” as an independent country.

“I am just wondering along with independence Nicola Sturgeon says she has confirmed that a gender recognition reform bill will be tabled.

“I mean are these the priorities as we come out of this pandemic?

“Where as a United Kingdom, whether people like it or not, dealing with a post-Brexit world and aren’t we stronger doing that together?”

“Well post-Brexit, Brexit is something that Scotland did not vote for,” replied Mr Hanvey.

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“Something that Scotland has considerably rejected, and if we are talking about opinion polls then the opinion polls in Scotland have only strengthened against Brexit.

“But it is our industries that are being hit the hardest,” he argued.

“Whether that is export industries such as shellfish which have been incredibly badly damaged by the impact of Brexit.

“And we know have the consequence of HGV driver shortages and various other impacts from Brexit.

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“So I think Scotland should choose to chart its own path out of this Brexit nightmare.

“We can only do that successfully with the full powers of an independent country.”

It comes as the SNP Scotland spokeswoman Mhairi Black was slapped down in the Commons over the Scottish Government’s handling of drug deaths.

Ms Black clashed with Scotland Office Minister Iain Stewart in Parliament on Wednesday during a fraught exchange over Scotland’s drug death record.

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Mr Stewart told MPs: “We have put forward some very concrete suggestions.”

“But I do remind her the vast majority of powers in this area lie with the Scottish Government.

“And her government has been in power for 14 years.

“Perhaps they should spend a little bit more effort on tackling these social issues rather than obsessing about independence which no one wants.” 

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