GB News: Wootton blasts guest as police conclude partygate inquiry – Youve got no idea!

Dan Wootton tells Sadiq Khan to ‘focus on saving London’

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The Kiwi broadcaster slammed journalist Amy Nickell yesterday as the pair locked horns over Scotland Yard’s Operation Hillman investigation. Mr Wootton barked “you’ve got no idea,” when Ms Nickell discussed the infamous Downing Street lockdown parties.

Mr Wootton began by saying he was “so sorry” that the Metropolitan Police’s investigation had concluded and that it must be “devasting” for Ms Nickell.

He said: “I am so sorry. I know this day has been utterly devasting for you.”

Wootton added: “This was the last thing you ever wanted to see happen, wasn’t it?”

However, Ms Nickell fired back at the GB News presenter, claiming that the Metropolitan Police’s investigation was a “farce” and it said that you could “legally attend an illegal party.”

She said: “I wish they were my mates because I think that would be a great dinner party actually.

“The only thing that is a farce here is what has happened today.

“It’s been said that you can legally attend an illegal party.

“I think that until the met can clarify what that means and can just explain that a little bit. 

“Then we might be a little more satisfied with what’s been said today.

“The fact is we’ve got a prime minister who broke the ministerial code, broke the law.

“It’s been proven he did stand up in Parliament and lie about this particular issue and how can you be happy with this?”

Dan Wootton expressed his surprise that Ms Nickell didn’t trust the judgement of the police. 

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He said: “You’re not coping with this.

“I thought you loved the Met, I thought you trusted their judgement completely?”

Ms Nickell responded by saying that she thought the investigation was a “farce”.

She said: “What could be more surprising than what we heard that night with the wheelbarrow and the suitcase to Co-op. 

“I am waiting for that as I believe what has been said today is a farce.

“It still remains that 126 PCNs have been handed out to one building making Downing Street the most fined building during the lockdown.”

Mr Wootton erupted at Ms Nickell over her comments, with the former Sun journalist claiming “you’ve got no idea”.

He said: “You’ve got no idea if that suitcase and that fridge thing happened. You’ve got no idea.”

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