‘Great Fisheries Sell-Out’ Brexiteer fury as Boris deal gives 5 YEARS’ access to UK waters

Brexit deal: Ursula von der Leyen confirms UK-EU agreement

Responding to the news, former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney raged: “The Great Fisheries Sell-Out: the Brexit Deal guarantees the EU 5 1/2 years continued access to British waters So 4 1/2 years from Brexit that is a total of a decade of EU vessels plundering our waters. This will be a bitter disappointment for our fishermen.”

Equally outraged former Brexit Party MEP and chairman of Unlocked Ben Habib warned the new agreement could see sanctions imposed on the UK. 

He said: Barnier confirmed the EU Commission may UNILATERALLY impose sanctions on the UK if we deviate from the deal.

“Waiting for details but this is not standard in any FTA.”

More to follow… 

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