‘Have you seen Sturgeon’s constituency?’ Brexiteer takes down SNP leader in furious rant

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During an interview with Brexit Unlocked, June Slater claimed Ms Sturgeon’s constituency was rife with fly-tipping. Ms Slater questioned how Scotland’s First Minister can be talking to other world leaders when she cannot manage to resolve simple problems in her own constituency. 

Ms Slater said: “I’m interested in what’s going on in this country.

“Have you seen what’s going on in Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency?

“It’s rife with fly-tipping.

“If she can’t sort that out, what is she doing speaking to other countries?

“Bill Gates? What is she doing with him?”

The Brexiteer also lashed out at Boris Johnson’s green agenda as she continued: “They do memes in Austria and Switzerland taking the rip out of us showing King’s Cross shut with a mere two centimetres of snow.

“And leaves! Leaves, we want more trees but we can’t handle leaves because we have to shut railways down.

“We’re going mental! Do you think people are bothered about this when they’re sat in agony waiting for their bladder operations and their hip operations?

“Before they could walk to the local shop and now they’re that far back with it because there are so many delays they can’t even move out of their own house and you think we’re bothered about the green agenda?

“We’re bothered about our freedom and our lives getting back to some sort of normality.”

Earlier today Nicola Sturgeon stated that the unpredictable nature of the virus and level of transmission has resulted in the Government needing to be flexible with implementing and reducing measures. 

Ms Sturgeon said: “I know how difficult this is and I know how difficult the general situation is for individuals and businesses, for everybody right now.

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“I will never seek to sugar-coat this, it is a torrid period for all of us to be living through.

“I recognise that a big part of the difficulty is the uncertainty in dealing with the nature of what we are dealing with.

“This is a virus, unfortunately, it does not behave the way we want it to at all times.

“Therefore to protect the population and limit the number of people that die from this we have to be prepared to be flexible.”

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