Have your say: Should the UK trigger Article 16 as EU punishes Britain?

Sammy Wilson: EU used and abused Northern Ireland

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Today there will be a meeting of the EU/UK joint committee on implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol, but DUP MP Sammy Wilson told Express.co.uk: “Quite honestly they don’t give a stuff what happens to Northern Ireland. If as a result of the protocol, we have civil unrest, we have political instability, so what?

“The bigger picture for them is keeping the United Kingdom within its sphere of influence.

“We’re still the Trojan horse, which the EU is using to keep influence over the United Kingdom.

Mr Wilson explained: “It is my view that the EU will not care if it breaks up the United Kingdom as a means of punishing us.”

Article 16 is the process by which either side in the agreement can take unilateral safeguarding measures if the deal is leading to “economic, societal or environmental difficulties”.

Negotiations have been ongoing for several weeks now as both attempt to find a solution to the protocol, which currently puts a trade border in the Irish Sea.

The UK government has previously said it “would not go down this route gratuitously or with any particular pleasure”. But should Article 16 be enacted if the UK can’t get its way in the protocol negotiations?


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