Hes spent as a force! Boris Johnson to have upcoming plans to be thwarted in Commons

PM ‘spent as a force that can do anything’ says Lord Falconer

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Lord Falconer claimed Boris Johnson can now only count on his colleagues to support him on important votes held in the Commons. Lord Falconer explained to journalist Nick Ferrari why he felt another vote will be proposed to the 1922 Committee in order to get Boris out of power. He also warned the Prime Minister is unlikely to make any significant steps forward with any of his upcoming policies because he is “spent as a force.”

Lord Falconer told LBC: “I think he can probably count on his colleagues to support him in every major vote in the Commons.

“But he’ll be prevented from putting anything controversial to the Commons by internal discussion beforehand.

“So although he’s saying draw a line under this, and let’s get going with policies to deal with the cost of living etc.

“Anything opposed by a significant group in the Tory party can never be put forward in the Commons.

“So you’ll find it will be a limited and bland legislative programme and it will be a very bland series of economic measures.

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Lord Falconer added: “But he just will not be able to get support, he sort of spent as a force that can do anything.”

LBC host Nick Ferrari added: “You’ll take this question in the spirit in which it’s intended Charlie, you’ve been around for a few years what does history tell us happens next?”

Lord Falconer said: “History tells us that he is humiliated and humiliated, I mean the classic example of humiliation is Mrs May’s promise that she would resign if she had one more shot to put her Brexit deal to the Commons.

“And they allowed her to do that and then massively defeated her, it will be a series of humiliations like that for Boris.

“And eventual what will happen is a vote will be proposed for the 1922 Committee to get rid of the 12-month delay before you have another vote of no-confidence, and then he will go.”

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Due to Mr Johnson facing public backlash for his rule-breaking activities which were revealed in the Sue Gray report, continued calls have continued to come in for him to leave.

The Prime Minister was even booed by members of the public whilst attending the Queens, Platinum Jubilee service over the weekend.

Some Conservative MPs are still calling for him to hand in his resignation, despite Mr Johnson winning the vote of no-confidence by 59 percent.

Whilst other Tory MPs who back Boris Johnson say the Partygate scandal is becoming a distraction from more important topics like the cost of living crisis.

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But Mr Johnson has remained firm in his position as Prime Minister and has not succumbed to intense public pressure.

Mr Johnson said: “Let’s see about that and, yeah, I’m not going to deny the whole thing hasn’t been a totally miserable experience for people in government and we’ve got to learn from it and understand the mistakes we made and we’ve got to move forward.”

MPs in the Commons have repeatedly dragged up Mr Johnson’s failings, as they push for his exit from parliament.

Deputy Leader of the Labour party, Angela Rayner tweeted: “Labour gets to pick the topic for debate in Parliament today. So we’ve chosen standards in public life. Conservative MPs now face another choice. Will they back proposals to clean up politics or prop up this doomed Prime Minister as he shreds standards and rigs the rules?”

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