Insulate Britain anarchists blasted amid fears Conservative Conference to be targeted

Insulate Britain slammed by Esther McVey

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Conservative MP Esther McVey has branded Insulate Britain “anarchy and anarchists” on GB News amid concerns the eco-mob will look to disrupt the Tory party conference underway in Manchester. The climate change group has been mounting disruptive demonstrations targeting the M25 and key transports hubs, sparking travel chaos for commuters in recent weeks. Ms Vey was clear she believed the tactics of Insulate Britain were damaging the fight against global warming.

Ms McVey told GB News: “Do I agree with their tactics? No I don’t.

“You have seen the upset they have caused, you have seen the sheer scale of the disruption that they have caused.

“People know about the issue but they don’t expect their day-to-day business being disrupted.

“And what they have been doing I would say was just anarchy and anarchists.

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“So I don’t agree with their measures.

“Do I expect them to come and to try and disrupt other people getting on with their life? Other people trying to talk about the everyday running of this country?

“Other people trying to speak to the public? Well, that is what they have been doing.

“They must remember when they do their tactics sitting across a motorway stopping ambulances getting to hospitals, stopping people getting to work I actually think it draws away from their cause and I just think it is a wrong way to go about things.”

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On Friday, activists sat on the road at Junction 3 of the M4 near Heathrow Airport, Junction 1 of the M1 at Brent Cross and Junction 25 of the M25 at Waltham Cross, north London.

This was the 10th day in the past three weeks that the group has carried out protests.

It has blocked motorways on nine days, while on September 24 it obstructed A roads near the Port of Dover in Kent.

There were 39 people arrested on suspicion of obstruction and conspiracy to commit public nuisance on Friday, the Metropolitan Police said.

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Under the new legal order, the police will now be able to release information and evidence on the activists to National Highways so that the injunctions can be enforced.

This will speed up the enforcement process and ensure that those who disobey the authority of the courts face the consequences, according to the Department for Transport.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “We will continue to do all we can to prevent this self-defeating, disruptive, and incredibly dangerous behavior being carried out by Insulate Britain. They are putting lives in danger and damaging their own cause.”

He added: “Activists are being tracked down and served court papers and will now face justice. We will take the strongest action against anyone else who decides to take part in this ridiculous and irresponsible action.”

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