ISIS want to be seen ‘chasing’ West out of Afghanistan, Wallace warns Risk goes up!

ISIS want to be seen ‘chasing’ West out of Afghanistan in warning

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Defence Secretary Ben Wallace appeared on Sky News and delivered the dire warning that terror groups like ISIS or Al-Qaeda will likely think of ways to capitalise on the chaos at Kabul airport through attacks. He explained as time went on Western forces would see their numbers decrease meaning Afghanistan will become less safe for civilians as extremist groups will begin to move in. Mr Wallace added the terror groups also want to be seen as a victor and will want to make it seem as if they are “chasing” the West out of Afghanistan in a thinly-veiled warning for the future as he explains troops are “very vulnerable” despite the Taliban controlling movement in Kabul.

Speaking on Sky News, host Niall Paterson spoke with Mr Wallace about the situation in Afghanistan and whether things were going according to plan. 

Mr Wallace revealed 2,000 people have been evacuated in the past 24 hours bringing the total amount to over 10,000. 

Mr Paterson wanted to know how likely a terror attack would be near Kabul airport who may capitalise on the chaos and diminished Western forces in the area. 

Mr Wallace explained: “Certainly as we get closer to the deadline of August 31 which at the G7 they’ll have that discussion about whether that is possible to move.

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“But the Taliban were pretty clear yesterday that as we get closer to the deadline, I think this is correct to say, that the security risk goes up and it just gets more and more dangerous.

“Also add on groups and other terrorist groups such as ISIS would like to take greater credit or like to be seen to chase the West at the airport that is inevitably going to feed their narrative and their ambitions.

“The Taliban is actually controlling the outer ring off the airport and indeed checkpoints where all that makes it harder for ISIS terrorism, the Taliban and ISIS have no friendly relation at all.

“But yeah, we are very mindful that we’re very vulnerable should these terrorists choose to do something and that’s why the bravery of our soldiers of many of those people from other nations doing that job is, is amazing.

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“They are literally out there amongst very very desperate people, and the situation could get more insecure so that’s why we’re trying everything we can to prioritise people and get them through.”

G7 leaders are set to meet on Tuesday with Prime Minister Boris Johnson urging President Joe Biden to extend the August 31 withdrawal date. 

The US is working within an August 31 deadline where all American troops will be withdrawn on that date. 

But the chaos at Kabul airport has made world leaders concerned that not everyone will be able to be evacuated. 

Pentagon representatives also admitted they do not know how many Americans are on the ground.

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