Its a bonus! Cummings sets sights on Starmers departure in call for regime change

Dominic Cummings 'walked into a trap' says Charles Walker

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Mr Cummings, who worked as Mr Johnson’s chief advisor, has not shied away from putting pressure on the Prime Minister to quit after leaving Downing Street in November 2020. However, the ex-campaign director at Vote Leave took to social media as he launched a scathing attack against his former boss and Sir Keir Starmer. Mr Cummings said: “[It is] fantastic to see CCHQ, Number 10, the Mail, the Sun [and] the Telegraph turbo-boosting the Vote Leave-Deep State operation to remove Boris Johnson (and if we bag Starmer too it’s a bonus).”

The comment came after a difficult week for Mr Johnson and Mr Starmer.

The Prime Minister faced a “tough night” in a set of local elections which saw the Tory Party lose grip of Margaret Thatcher’s favourite council Wandsworth.

The Labour leader has found himself under investigation from Durham Constabulary after the force received “significant new information” about the beer-drinking takeaway event.

Mr Starmer had called on Mr Johnson to resign when he was subject to the Metropolitan Police’s so-called Operation Hillman investigation into ‘partygate’.

He subsequently demanded Rishi Sunak quit from Number 11 after the Chancellor and Prime Minister were issued with fixed penalty notices last month.

However, while Mr Starmer maintains no rules were broken, he is also reported to have told colleagues he will quit if he receives a fine.

Mr Cummings’ recent tweet comes after he made a series of comments about whether either man was up to the job.

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He has even called on Tory MPs to remove the Prime Minister before August.

In an article on his blog, he said: “The 2024 election means the Tories asking for 19 years and a fifth term.

“This request has never been granted in British democratic politics.

“‘Time for change’ will be extremely powerful.

“The fact that Starmer is a dud means the Tories do have a chance but only if there is a new Prime Minister with a great team that can figure out the right priorities and execute with ruthless skill, speed and focus.

“If the trolley is left smashing around for another 2 years, the Tories could not only lose but be so discredited they are out for a decade.

“Much punditry and many MP dinner parties will be wasted over the next few months in displacement activity trying to ignore these fundamentals.”

Although Mr Cummings has suggested Vote Leave colleagues are attempting to oust the Prime Minister from Number 10, one senior source from the official pro-Brexit campaign told in January that they disagreed with Michael Gove’s former advisor.

They said: “It is very important for Brexit that Boris Johnson stays in place, especially with Northern Ireland Protocol discussions at a crucial and delicate stage.”

The senior Vote Leave source added: “People didn’t vote for Boris in 2019 because he’s the most pious Prime Minister ever, he’s clearly not, they voted for him because they believed that he’d make their lives better.

“Boris needs to go into full delivery mode for the Red Wall, demonstrating that he understands people’s concerns and delivering on the promises he’s made.

“If he delivers, the Downing Street drinks will be forgotten.

“But he needs to get serious – fast.”

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Mr Cummings previously called on Labour MPs to replace Mr Starmer, whom he described as a “dud” and a “dead player”, with Shadow Levelling-Up Secretary Lisa Nandy.

Ms Nandy, who was first elected as the MP for Wigan in 2010, finished in a distant third place in the race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn in Labour’s 2020 leadership contest.

Mr Starmer came out on top with 56.2 percent of the vote, Mr Corbyn’s former Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey obtained 27.6 percent but Ms Nandy only managed to muster 16.2 percent amongst Labour members.

According to the Times, Ms Nandy refused to offer her unconditional support to the Labour leader over ‘beergate’ and could not say whether he should quit if the police concluded he breached Covid-curbing restrictions in April 2021.

However, Ms Nandy had said in September 2021 that she did not intend to run for the Labour leadership, particularly after she and other female candidates received “personally exposing” sexist comments.

Mr Cummings’ social media post about the Prime Minister and Labour leader was altered slightly in this article.

His original tweet said: “Fantastic to see CCHQ/no10/Mail/Sun/Telegraph turbo-boosting the Vote Leave-Deep State operation to remove the trolley [emoji] (& if we bag Starmer too it’s a bonus) #RegimeChange #OODAfkd.”

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