Jeremy Corbyn destroyed Labour! Former MP in brutal swipe over party restart needs

Luciana Berger says Labour Party is on a new and 'welcome' path

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Former Labour MP Luciana Berger discussed the Labour Party’s progress as she reflected on Sir Keir Starmer’s management skills and applied policy. A Deltapoll survey this week showed Jeremy Corbyn is the most preferred choice for Labour leader in red wall seats despite losing them in 2019. Ms Berger, who was MP for Liverpool Wavertree from 2010 to 2019. did not hold back when she stated that former leader ‘Corbyn destroyed Labour.’

Speaking to LBC, Ms Berger said: “Well first to answer your question, also I’m not a member of the Labour Party.

“And I wasn’t involved at the time in that internal election, so I can’t tell you either way what the pledges were.

“And whether he has yet to deliver on them or not, I can only reflect on the reasons why I left the Labour Party.

“And that it’s absolutely right that this country has a proper working opposition.

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Ms Berger added: “And that Jeremy Corbyn destroyed the Labour Party. I believe and it’s right that we have a wholesale refresh and restart.

“That’s a journey amongst a pandemic, it’s a pretty tricky time, I think the Labour Party is on a new path.

“And it’s a welcome path and it’s got some new fresh faces in it as well, that I think are really making a difference to holding this government to account.

“I just turned on the news for example before you had Wes Streeting on, for example, there is a job to be done but time will tell to see how it all pans out.”

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The survey from DeltaPoll shows that the  Labour Party have a five-point lead on the Conservative Party, with 40 percent of voting intention to 35 percent.

The data shows that if an election was held tomorrow, 49 percent would vote for the Labour Party in comparison to the Tory Party’s 33 percent.

Co-founder and director of Deltapoll Joe Twyman said: “The Conservative victory in 2019 was due, in no small part, to winning over voters in seats where the party had not previously been successful.

“The data, however, show the task Boris Johnson faces to hold on to the seats that were gained in 2019.

Polling intentions have changed for Labour comes just weeks before Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party had previously managed to stay ahead of Labour with seats 

But due to Tory Party accusations and recent scandals in Downing Street coming to light could be a reason for a drop in Tory Party popularity in the UK.

Keir Starmer gave a Labour Party speech to set out a verbal contract with the British public, Starmer said: “I want to lead a government that does right by them. I want to create a national community in which everyone feels secure and everyone feels they belong. The Britain I want is a country in which those who contribute get something back.

“Because 2022 is also the first year in which we need to tackle some big challenges. Repairing after the pandemic. Combating the climate crisis. Making Brexit work.

“I believe that the best still lies ahead for this country. But only if we have the courage to create a new Britain. A country in which you and your family get the security, prosperity and respect you deserve.

“My contract with the British people will set out how we can create that new Britain, thank you for listening and a Happy New Year to you all.”

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