Keir Starmer humiliated in coronavirus poll: Labour leader loses to ‘don’t know’ in survey

Respondents were asked to answer multiple questions on how they thought those in power had handled the coronavirus pandemic to date. When asked “Who would you trust more to lead Britain through the coronavirus outbreak?” more people said they didn’t know than backed Sir Keir. In the YouGov poll for The Sunday Times, nearly half (48 percent) said Boris Johnson was the right man to lead the country through this difficult time.

A fifth (20 percent) said they didn’t know while only 19 percent of respondents thought Sir Keir would be the best person to take the helm.

Thirteen percent said neither Mr Johnson nor Sir Keir were fit up to the task.

A total of 1,654 adults in Britain were surveyed on April 30 and May 1.

Since being announced as Jeremy Corbyn’s successor, Sir Keir has weathered several storms, prompting voters to tell him his “honeymoon period is over” on Twitter.

The opposition leader drew widespread criticism last week for adopting a neutral stance on the Kashmiri conflict.

His decision was at odds with Labour delegates who last year backed a motion condemning India’s role in the dispute.

And as Sir Keir desperately tries to win back the trust of traditional Labour voters he suffered another setback in poll ratings.

Sky News host Kay Burley ridiculed the Labour leader after an Ipsos MORI poll showed just 18 percent of respondents trust the left-wing party.

Sir Keir has been an outspoken critic of the Government’s response to coronavirus.

Last week he renewed his criticism of the Prime Minister in an interview with the Evening Standard newspaper, saying Mr Johnson had been “slow, slow at every turn”.

Sir Keir called for testing to be ramped up to a quarter of a million tests every 24 hours.

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And he said 50,000 contact-tracers should be deployed to keep the nation safe.

But as he prepared to step into his role as leader he vowed not to pick at any point possible for political point-scoring.

Sir Keir has said the Prime Minister’s commitment to outline an exit strategy from the lockdown is a “step in the right direction”.

Speaking last week, the Labour leader said: “I’ve been calling on the Prime Minister to have a plan for the next stage and exit strategy. We’ve been pushing hard on that in the last week or two.

“The Prime Minister has now said he’s going to have a plan next week.

“So I think that shows that we were right to challenge on it, and I’m pleased that we’re going to see a plan.

“We’ll look at it when we see it, but it’s a step in the right direction.”

Last week Labour selected a panel to run its investigation into the “circumstances, contents and release” of a leaked anti-Semitism dossier.

During a meeting of the party’s ruling National Executive Committee (NEC) on Friday, Martin Forde QC, a barrister and independent adviser to the Windrush compensation scheme, was chosen to chair the inquiry.

Mr Forde will be aided by a panel of experts comprised of former Labour general secretary Larry Whitty, councillor Debbie Wilcox and social policy professor Ruth Lister, who are all Labour peers.

The leaking of the 860-page report reignited divisions as Sir Keir tries to reunite the party in the wake of December’s disastrous election defeat.

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