Keir Starmer ruthlessly mocked for penning 14,000-word Labour essay with NO new policies

Boris Johnson ‘shakes his head’ during Keir Starmer’s speech

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The Party leader penned the sizeable document while on summer tour, reports suggest. It is around the same length as a Master’s dissertation, and is set to be released on the eve of the Labour Party Conference, which takes place from September 25 – 29.

The essay, prepared for the Fabian Society, is seen as an attempt by Sir Keir to reset and refresh his leadership. He took up the post of party leader in 2020, succeeding Jeremy Corbyn.

Sir Keir also aims to answer questions from party members about what it is he stands for, as well as what it is that the Labour party represents in the modern age.

Whilst there are set to be similarities between Sir Keir’s conference speech and the statement, a source close to him has said it will be an “intellectualised version”.

New Labour policies, however, will not be included – which is likely to raise eyebrows in political quarters, and has prompted questions from the public.

It is said Sir Keir will focus more on security and opportunity.

A senior Labour figure told The Sunday Times: “It’s supposed to set out the Starmer credo.

“It’s essentially the answer to those who say: ‘What do you believe in and what do you stand for?’

“And I am sure that it will suffice and do that job.”

But Sir Keir has not been without support in writing this essay as he has acquired the help of former aide Paul Ovenden and former Times columnist Philip Collins, who wrote Tony Blair’s final conference speech as Labour leader.

Another senior party insider told The Times: “Starmer wrote the essay while he was on his summer tour and meeting voters the party lost at the last general election.

“It’s about where we are now as a party and where we are going.

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“It’s about turning the page and ending the navel-gazing.”

Following the news, Twitter users were quick to question the leader’s decision to publish this essay to the public.

One Twitter user wrote: “It’s what the nation has been crying out for: a 14,000-word essay that contains no new policies but sets out the ‘Starmer credo.'”

They added: “That will defeat the three-word-slogan merchants.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Starmer: We need to end navel-gazing in Labour Party.

“Also Starmer: writes 14,000 word essay that nobody wants to read.”

Another user questioned whether or not the essay would end the “naval-gazing” as they said: “It’s 14,000 words with no policy announcements and it’s meant to END the naval-gazing?”

The Labour Party conference is set to take place in Brighton at the end of this month.

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