Keir Starmer squirms as hes confronted by ex-Labour voter Not around much, are you?

Keir Starmer meets former Labour voter who doesn’t know him

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Sir Keir Starmer went to meet former Labour voters in Blackpool on Thursday in hopes of boosting the Labour Party’s profile. However, the Labour leader was met by some voters who admitted they did not know who he was. One of those former Labour voters confronted Sir Keir about this and left the Labour leader squirming

One voter said: “I last voted Labour, I’d say 2010.

Another went: “I have no idea when I last voted Labour, no idea in the slightest.

“And I’ve got no idea who he is.”

Sir Keir proceeded to introduce himself to the former Labour supporters before being confronted by Sue from Blackpool.

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She said: “Pleased to meet you, I don’t even recall ever seeing you before.

“So you are not out there are you, at the minute anyway.

“I wouldn’t have known who you were.

“No disrespect or anything, it is very nice to see you.”

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While half-smiling Sir Keir replied: “Okay, thank you, well we can fix that.”

Sir Keir was also warned by other former voters about the problems other Labour MPs are causing for the party.

Former Labour supporter Zacky said: “First thing is, your party is divided within itself.

“Get rid of all the sort of bickering people who are losers.

“They want to lose further by doing what they’re doing.”

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Sir Keir admitted that it was not a simple process of just firing people from the Labour Party, however.

He said: “If someone is in my shadow cabinet or on my front bench, I can do something about it because I can fire them.

“But if they are on the backbench then they’ve got a bit more freedom to say what they want.

“But I get the point your making is that it doesn’t really matter to anybody else.”

“You want to hear one voice.”

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