Labours Reeves mocks Boris windfall U-turn and tells Tory MPs hell make fools of you

Rishi Sunak's opening statement on cost of living announcement

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced in Parliament an about-turn on the Government’s position on a one-off tax targetting the mega-profits of British oil and gas firms. Welcoming the move, Labour Shadow Chancellor Raches Reeves took the opportunity to mock Boris Johnson for caving over the policy and turned to address Conservative MPs directly in a direct appeal to the Prime Minister’s detractors within his own party. 

Ms Reeves told MPs: “Now there is a lesson here for Conservative MPs, you can’t believe a word that this Prime Minister says.

“And as long as he is in office he is going to continue making fools of each and everyone one of you!

“If they keep him there that is the choice that they are making.”

The Shadow Chancellor argued the Government had been “dragged kicking and screaming” into backing Labour’s call for the levy. 


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