Laura Kuenssberg throws Boris’s ‘inhuman’ words back at him ‘This is what you’ve done!’

Johnson grilled by Kuenssberg on not ‘ditching’ relaxation

Laura Kuenssberg used Boris Johnson’s own words against him as she confronted the Prime Minister over recent rule changes. The British leader had just announced that the Christmas relaxation of coronavirus rules will no longer be able to go ahead. The BBC Political Editor demanded to know why he had “left this too late” after being warned over the past few weeks.

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She asked: “There were calls for you to drop the plans for Christmas last week, just a few days ago.

“But on Wednesday you told me and our viewers that it would be ‘inhuman’ to change the plans.

“Now that’s exactly what you’ve done.

“Aren’t the millions of people who’s plans have just been torn up entitled to feel that you just left this too late and you’ve caused them more personal upset by doing so?”

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