Liz Truss savaged as Russias top diplomat slams UK diplomacy Just repeating slogans!

Russia: Liz Truss was repeating ‘slogans’ says Andrey Kelin

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Andrey Kelin said his country did not “see any contributions” from Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to resolve ongoing tensions between Russia and the West. Ms Truss announced tougher sanctions for Russia just hours before the deadline, and just after frosty talks with her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov. The Russian diplomat claimed the Foreign Secretary failed to contribute, only uttering popular “slogans” and “formulations.”

Mr Kelin told BBC Newsnight: “We did expect it would be a certain brilliance of British diplomacy, which we did not discover at all.

“Because the UK minister was speaking with, and operating with, a limited number of slogans and formulations.

“And it was nothing like a dialogue based on mutual respect, recognition of mutual interest and search of solutions.

“We did not see any contribution, she was repeating just formulations and slogans that she’s doing here in Parliament on Twitter, in the newspapers, nothing else.”

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Before the announcement of tougher sanctions for Russia, Ms Truss met with Sergei Lavrov in Moscow on Thursday.

After the meeting, Mr Lavrov described the meeting as a “conversation between a dumb and a deaf person.”

Mr Lavrov added: “It seems like we listen but don’t hear.

“At least, our most detailed explanations fell on unprepared soil. They say Russia is waiting until the ground freezes like a stone so its tanks can easily cross into Ukrainian territory.

“I think the ground was like that today with our British colleagues – from which numerous facts that we produced bounced off.”

Liz Truss urges Russia to take 'path of diplomacy' in Lavrov meeting

In response to Mr Lavrov’s statements, Ms Truss said: “I certainly was not mute in our discussions earlier.

“I put forward the UK’s point of view on the current situation and the fact that as well as seeking to deter Russia from an invasion into Ukraine, we are also very resolute in pursuing the diplomatic path.”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that the next few days could be the most dangerous, and urged Putin to remove his troops as tensions between Ukraine and Russia continue to rise.

Speaking at a Sky News Ukraine press conference Mr Johnson said:  “We will consider what more we can conceivably offer.

Mr Johnson added: “The Ukrainians are well prepared, there are things we’ve offered that they in fact don’t seem to need because they think they have them in enough numbers already.

“It’s possible, I don’t want to rule this out, but at the moment we think the package is the right one. But I want to stress it would be an absolute disaster if it was to come to that and if there was to be serious bloodshed on Ukrainian soil.”

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace commented on the possibility of more British troops being sent to help defend allies in Eastern Europe, saying: “Well I think that there could potentially be more deployment, we’re always ready.

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