Lord Adonis apologies over Parliament rule breach for not declaring Remaniac interests

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The anti-Brexit politician – who wants the UK to rejoin the EU – was hauled over the coals for failing to register his directorship of the European Movement of the United Kingdom Ltd. Dirk Hazell – the leader of the UK European People’s Party – reported the former Labour minister to the House of Lords’ Commissioner for Standards last month.

The Labour peer had registered himself as chairman of the “cross-party organisation working to build closer relationships with the EU that we believe will benefit our country”.

He believed this meant he was not also required to disclose that he was also a director of the company.

But under the House of Lords’ Code of Conduct for Members rules, all peers must declare every company they are involved in.

Lord Adonis – famed for his anti-Brexit rants – failed to do this and was judged to have made a “minor” breach of the rules.

In a report on the matter, commissioner for standards Akbar Khan wrote: “The code requires all directorships to be registered, even when the company is simply the corporate arm of a separately registered organisation.

“While I accept that Lord Adonis thought he had satisfied the requirements of the code, he failed to register an interest as required by the Code of Conduct.

“I conclude that Lord Adonis is in breach of paragraph 12 of the Code of Conduct.

“I consider this to be a minor breach of the code and one for which remedial action is an appropriate outcome.

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“As well as correcting his Register of Interests, I proposed a letter of apology to Lord Mance, chairman of the Conduct Committee, would be sufficient remedial action in this case. Lord Adonis has since written to Lord Mance.

“I am grateful to Lord Adonis for his cooperation in this matter and for his prompt response.”

The report also included a copy of Lord Adonis’ apology to Lord Mance.

The Labour politician began it by stating that the breach was accidental.

It continued: “I had assumed that, because the first is simply the corporate arm of the second and does not operate independently, it was unnecessary to do this, but the commissioner finds otherwise.

“I accept this finding, and I have amended my entry in the register accordingly.

“I also wish to apologise to you, a chairman of the standards committee, for this minor breach of the code, which was entirely inadvertent on my part.”

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