Matt Hancock accused of ‘pretending to cry’ on GMB – ‘It was like a Year 2 drama lesson!’

Matt Hancock appears emotional over coronavirus vaccine rollout

Former Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips compared Matt Hancock’s appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to that of a Year 2 drama lesson as she claims he was putting it on. The Health Secretary had been asked by Piers Morgan if he was emotional as the coronavirus vaccine began its rollout. Mr Hancock closed his eyes, bowed his head and wiped the side of his eye.

Speaking to talkRADIO, Ms Phillips said: “The footage on Good Morning Britain to put his head down and wipe his eye.

“It was like a Year 2 drama lesson.

“I don’t know, he might be emotional but it just seems a bit weird.”

Presenter James Whale interjected: “I don’t think it was crying.

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“I think it was laughing with relief that the vaccine had arrived.”

Ms Phillips added: “It just doesn’t ring true.

“It’s the wiping with the fists, no one does that in reality.”

It comes just days after Mr Hancock fought back tears while addressing MPs in the House of Commons.

Matt Hancock appears emotional over coronavirus vaccine rollout

His voice broke at the despatch box when he told MPs he lost his step-grandfather to coronavirus in November.

The Health Secretary told MPs: “We can afford to let up a little, we just can’t afford to let up a lot.

“Let that be the message that goes out from this House. We know through repeat experience what happens if this virus gets out of control.

“If it gets out of control, it grows exponentially, hospitals comes under pressure, and people die.


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“We talk a lot of the outbreak in Liverpool and how that great city has had a terrible outbreak and got it under control.

“This isn’t just speculation, it’s a fact that has affected thousands of families including my own.”

Mr Hancock’s voice cracked with emotion as he added: “This means more to me than I can say because last month my step-grandfather caught Covid and on November 18 he died.

“In my family, as in so many others, we’ve lost a loving husband, a father, a grandfather to this awful disease.

“So from the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you to everyone in Liverpool for getting this awful virus under control.”

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