Newsnight: Putin completely lost ground war while Mariupol suffers painful attacks

Nikita Kuzmin talks about his Grandma's escape from Ukraine

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Alina Frolova, Former Deputy Defence Minister of Ukraine, made the claim while appearing on BBC Newsnight. Ms Frolova said that the ongoing siege of the city of Mariupol was an example of the use of missiles and was “most painful” for Ukraine.

She said: “The war is completely lost by Russia on the ground, that’s why they use this tactic of complete missile destruction on the land.

“Mariupol is unfortunately one of the most painful for us.

“They try to destroy quite a big city with more than half a million population.

“Yes, we tried to regroup the forces and overestimate how we can deal with this.

“But this is war and not everything is possible for the Ukrainian Army, but we are absolutely sure we will release Mariupol.

“The issue is about how many people we will lose before it.

“This is important for our partners to provide as much support as possible to release these people from this occupation.”

Moscow had originally given Kyiv a deadline to surrender the city of 5 am on Monday to surrender the besieged port city.

However, Ukraine rejected the opportunity to surrender and has accused Russia of illegally deporting thousands of children to Russia.

The city has been attacked constantly by Russian troops since late February with whole neighbourhoods destroyed.

Around 200,000 residents remain trapped in the city with no electricity, gas, or water in sub zero temperatures and with precious little food.

If Moscow is able to capture the city it will be able to control large sections of Ukraine’s southern coast as well as the strategically important Azov Sea.

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The city is thought to be a contentious issue in ongoing peace talks between Moscow and Kyiv.

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