Next Prime Minister polls tracker: Who will be the next PM?

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Conservative voters received their ballots in early August, giving them a month to consider Ms Truss and Mr Sunak’s performances at various hustings across the UK. They have now finished their final appeals to the party’s approximately 200,000 members, and voting officially closes today ahead of the reveal date on September 4. Tories and the remaining 99.97 percent of the country who aren’t members will be anxious to find out who will follow Boris Johnson as Britons battle a series of crises.

When does voting end?

After weeks of hustings, the Conservative Party ballot closes today – in a matter of hours.

Voters have until 5pm to make their decision ahead of the September 4 results day.

The next Prime Minister will receive permission to form a Government from Queen Elizabeth II and take office on Monday, September 5.

Who will become the next Prime Minister?

The latest stage of the Tory leadership race is less transparent than previous rounds when MPs were eliminating new candidates every day.

During those early days, ex-Chancellor Mr Sunak was riding high as the clear favourite, fetching hundreds of votes in phase.

But the latest polls show that lead has collapsed and Ms Truss is now Mr Johnson’s most likely successor.

Aggregated polling conducted by Politico has found the competition is all but over for Mr Sunak.

Research undertaken by the publication found the Foreign Secretary has nearly doubled the support of her competitor.

Approximately 59 percent of Tory members will vote her into office today, it is suggested, leaving the 32 percent in Mr Sunak’s court disappointed.

The polling gives Ms Truss a comfortable 27 percent lead, one that a sudden swing from undecided voters would struggle to crack.

Only 10 percent of Conservative voters have not chosen a candidate yet, meaning it is unlikely an upset will snatch the win from the Foreign Secretary.

Renowned polling expert Sir John Curtice, a professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde, told the AFP news agency she is the “better politician”.

He added: “Sunak has demonstrated some of the qualities you might hope to see in a good minister.

“But Ms Truss has demonstrated the qualities that you need in a politician.”

While the polls are looking up for Ms Truss personally, she faces an uphill battle to re-establish the Conservative Party’s winning streak.

After 12 years in power and an unabated energy crisis, a polling chasm divides the Tories and Labour.

According to figures released on August 30, Labour now has a double-figure political lead.

Approximately 42 percent of Britons would vote for Sir Keir Starmer, while outgoing Mr Johnson has seen support for his party plummet to 32 percent.

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