Nicola Sturgeon BLOW: SNP warned of ‘great mistake’ in Scottish independence plot

IndyRef2: Expert fires warning over Scotland’s economy

Political expert and former communist party and Labour Party member John Lloyd insisted that the Scottish people have not been properly informed about the realities of independence. While speaking on TRT World, Mr Lloyd claimed Nicola Sturgeon has not been forthcoming above two key independence issues. 

He said: “The great mistake of Scottish independence is two-fold.

“One, that the Scottish National Party has not told the Scottish people anything like the truth about the economy.

“The economy of Scotland if and when it becomes independent, that economy will require a level of austerity which the SNP has always blamed Westminster for.

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“This time, it will be Scotland’s austerity and it will be very austere indeed.

“Instead the SNP have lulled the Scottish population, as they did under Salmond and do again under Sturgeon, with more finesse, into believing were Scotland was to leave the United Kingdom it would be quite soon as rich as Denmark and Sweden.

“We the UK are a fiscal union, every part of it is in a fiscal union where the centre makes sure that public spending levels are equalised.

“Actually it means Scotland gets more than England, as does Northern Ireland.”

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But, political expert Sir John Curtice insisted Boris Johnson may be forced to assist Nicola Sturgeon with her drive for independence.

While also speaking to TRT World, he said the Prime Minister will struggle to refuse Ms Sturgeon a referendum if she holds a firm majority after the 2021 Holyrood elections.

Sir John said: “In my view, the SNP will need to get an overall majority on their own in that election.

“This is true if they are going to have any prospect of pushing their case in the relatively near future.


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“If they do that, they will have replicated the achievement they managed during the 2011 Scottish Parliament election.

“It was that achievement a decade ago that led the then Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to say that I accept you have the moral right to hold a referendum.

“That is a precedent, therefore, one that will hang over the UK Government, if indeed the SNP manage to get an overall majority.”

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