Nigel Farage blasts whitewash Covid inquiry as an ‘absolute joke’

Nigel Farage blasts Covid inquiry as an ‘absolute joke’

Nigel Farage took to GB News this evening to slam the official Covid inquiry, which is set to last for years and cost millions.

He pointed out Sweden has already concluded its official inquiry into the country’s response to the pandemic, while Britain’s has only just begun and is still entangled in a row with the Cabinet Office about access to official WhatsApps and documents.

Mr Farage said he “can’t quite get my head around” the fact the UK is set to spend “130 million quid on an inquiry that will not conclude until the summer of 2026?”

“I’m gonna say that again. 2026, three more years of this inquiry. I’ve been I’d never doubted the whole thing would be a complete whitewash anyway.

“But goodness me, what an absolute joke!”

His guest was lockdown sceptic Angus Dalgleish, professor of oncology at St George’s, University of London, who agreed with Mr Farage that the inquiry is going to be a “big whitewash” that will see the major issues – such as the fundamental necessity of lockdown in the first place, and the economic and health damage from such a policy – “swept under the carpet.”

Professor Dalgleish also criticised the committee’s reliance on SAGE, which he criticised as being “very, very pro-lockdown”.

He claimed Britain fell under a collective Stockholm Syndrome during the pandemic.

“We entered a mass psychosis, we became a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. It was just beyond belief. And people like me, who stood up – and my colleague, who’s also an oncologist Karol Sikora, who’s been on this show – we stood up and we said this is going to be an unmitigated disaster for cancer management down the line,” he added.

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“And we can’t see any reasons for locking down, we should follow the Swedish example – which is kind of ‘look after those at risk and yourself and just be sensible about it’.

“This is an airborne disease. lockdown does not work for airborne diseases outside,”

Mr Farage asked whether those who warned about the external costs of lockdown would get an apology, now the UK is finally seeing the financial, medical, mental health, education and elderly costs.

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He added: “Is anybody ever going to say sorry?”

Professor Dalgleish said he believed a real Covid inquiry should be about that very issue, looking at ‘Why did we do this?’.

Mr Farage also blasted the Covid inquiry after they suggested this morning that Brexit played a role in distracting the Government from preparing for the pandemic, particularly in Northern Ireland.

He joked: “My goodness knows where we go with that!”

The Covid inquiry intends to answer three key questions: was the UK properly prepared for the pandemic, was the response appropriate, and can lessons be learned for the future?

Lady Hallett said she had set out an “ambitious” timetable for the inquiry, adding: “To conduct the kind of thorough investigation the people of the United Kingdom deserve takes time and a great deal of preparation.

“I hope they will understand when they see the results of the work we are doing that I am listening to them. Their loss will be recognised.”

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