Nigel Farage warns ‘Brexit sell-out is close’ as Cummings leaves Boris Johnson’s side

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Boris Johnson’s closest adviser was snapped leaving Number 10 on Friday evening following days of fierce infighting. After initial reports claimed Mr Cummings had stepped down with immediate effect, sources said he planned to continue working for the Government until mid-December.

His departure from the post throws the future direction of Mr Johnson’s plans into the air, as speculation is mounting the move could affect the ongoing post-Brexit trade talks.

The UK’s negotiating team held talks with the EU side in London on Friday before taking a break for the weekend.

Ahead of Monday’s talks in Brussels, Mr Farage took to Twitter to issue a warning to voters.

He said: “It is well documented that I have never liked Dominic Cummings but he has backed Brexit.

“Seeing him leave Number 10 carrying a cardboard box tells me a Brexit sell-out is close.”

Many people responded to his warning on social media by saying they too were worried about how the drama inside No10 would impact trade talks.

One person said they feared “Boris was suddenly surrounding himself with Remainers”.

They added: “This is why I didn’t vote for the Tories, you can never trust them.”

Another person advised Mr Farage to get ready to fight a bitter election campaign in the next general election, adding: “Get back in there, we need you.”

Others warned any type of Brexit sell-out would spell the end of the Tories following their hefty election promises last December.

One person tweeted: “A Brexit sell-out will be the end of the Conservative Party.

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“I’ll never vote Labour but I won’t vote Conservative again if it’s BRINO (Brexit in name only).

“Need a new party such as the Reform Party.”

Pictures of Mr Cummings leaving Downing Street came after a bitter power struggle in recent days, which started with the resignation of the Brexit architect’s fellow Vote Leave veteran Lee Cain on Wednesday.

On Thursday night, Mr Cummings insisted that “rumours of me threatening to resign are invented” after it was suggested he would exit in protest over the treatment of Mr Cain.

But Mr Cummings also said his “position hasn’t changed since my January blog” in which he said he hoped to be “largely redundant” by 2021.

A report in the Sun described a “shouty” confrontation between Mr Johnson and Mr Cummings over the ousting of Mr Cain and said that a “livid” Prime Minister wanted both out “soonerrather than later”.

Downing Street denied Mr Cummings’ exit would soften the UK’s negotiating stance in post-Brexit trade talks with the EU.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson said: “Absolutely not. That is simply false.

“The Government’s position in relation to the future trade agreement negotiations is unchanged.”

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