Not democratic! Lord Frost blasts EU demands on Brexit protocol Be flexible!

BBC Breakfast: Fallout from Brexit Minister Lord Frost's speech

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Lord Forst has slammed the EU negotiating position on the Northern Ireland protocol as “undemocratic” during a grilling on Sky News. The UK’s former chief Brexit negotiator was speaking ahead of the official EU response to the UK’s demand that the controversial Brexit protocol is scrapped and completely rewritten after only two years. Lord Frost warned Brussels that both sides needed to engage in an “intensive talks process.”

Lord Frost told Sky News: “We will work very hard for that.”

He added: “The problem we’ve got in Northern Ireland is that the Northern Ireland Protocol is undermining the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement, not supporting it, and we’ve put forward proposals to change that.

“We’re expecting proposals from the EU today, and obviously we will look at those very carefully and positively. We now need an intensive talks process and to try and find an agreement that everybody can get behind. That’s what we want to happen.”

Lord Frost went on to brand the EU Commission’s position as “undemocratic” and stressed the need for Brussels to be “flexible” if an accord was to be reached.


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