‘Of course you don’t care!’ Andrew Pierce skewers radio caller over furioius ‘prejudice’

Brexit: Expert slams radio caller over ‘Remain prejudice’

Radio caller, Peter from Wimbledon, claimed a Brexit deal would not be as good as being part of the European Union. But LBC presenter Andrew Pierce hit out at him for his “Remain prejudice”. Speaking to LBC, Peter said: “Whatever deal we have with the European Union is not going to be as good as the one we already have.

“Those people who are saying we are going to benefit from trading with other countries, we were already trading with them.

“The thing is our economy is mainly financial and agriculture is only 10 percent.

“Which of these Commonwealth countries do you think we can trade with when it comes to car spare parts or the aerospace industry?”

Mr Pierce interjected: “Why are you worrying about car spare parts?

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“The deal has been done on that, we have no problem with car spare parts.”

He added: “There are all sorts of doom and gloom predictions from people like you who said everybody is going to abandon ship – they haven’t.

“London is still the major financial centre of Europe.

“You’re not giving me the facts. You’re giving me Remain prejudice. Of course you don’t care.”

Brexit: Johnson says UK has 'full control' of fishing waters

It comes after Boris Johnson used a festive message to the nation to urge people to read the new Brexit trade deal after Christmas lunch on Friday.

The Prime Minister posted a video on Twitter in which he brandished the document, which has not been released in full yet, and at one point punched the air with enthusiasm at its contents.

The deal was agreed on Christmas Eve following months of negotiations with the European Union and comes just a week before the current trading arrangements expire with the UK leaving the single market and customs union without the prospect of tariffs and quotas.

Mr Johnson said: “Tonight, on Christmas Eve, I have a small present for anyone who may be looking for something to read in that sleepy post-Christmas lunch moment, and here it is, tidings, glad tidings of great joy because this is a deal.


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“A deal to give certainty to business, travellers, and all investors in our country from January 1. A deal with our friends and partners in the EU.

“You remember the oven ready deal by which we came out on January 31, that oven ready deal was just the start – this is the feast, full of fish, by the way.

“And I believe it will be the basis of a happy and successful and stable partnership with our friends in the EU for years to come.

“So, that’s it, that’s the good news from Brussels, now for the sprouts, and a happy Christmas to you all.”

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