Patrick OFlynn mocks Remainers moaning about lack of US trade deal

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The prospect of an upcoming trade deal with the USA has been quashed as Prime Minister Liz Truss has confirmed negotiations are not currently taking place. The new Prime Minister said on Tuesday: “There aren’t currently any negotiations taking place with the US and I don’t have an expectation that those are going to start in the short to medium term.”

The announcement has sparked backlash from EU-supporting MPs, who have branded the announcement a failure of Brexit.

Labour MP Chris Bryant turned the rhetoric up to 11 by asking: “What other promises will be exposed as lies this week?”

Meanwhile, Sarah Champion, MP for Rotherham, claimed the failure to secure a deal “lies squarely with Truss,” signing off her tweet with an angry-face emoji.

A third Labour MP, Karl Turner, chimed in: “Can’t understand why Liz Truss isn’t going to be pressing [Joe Biden] for a UK-US trade deal.

“Wasn’t that the main aim, post leaving the EU?”

But former MEP Patrick O’Flynn has pointed out that a trade deal with the states was never an aim of the Leave campaign that won the referendum in 2016.

Writing for Spiked, Mr O’Flynn said: “It is hard to remember another occasion on which false-memory syndrome has fused with hypocrisy in such a striking way.

“For a start, in the build-up to the EU referendum, it was the Remain team that weaponised the idea of a trade deal with the US to the greatest extent, not the Leave team.”

The former UKIP member points out that former Prime Minister David Cameron attempted to get Barack Obama onside for the Remain campaign, with the then-US president saying her would be more in favour of arranging a deal with the “big bloc, the EU” rather than Britain as a non-member.

Even so, Mr O’Flynn also recalls the collapse of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) negotiations between Washington and Brussels just weeks after the 2016 vote.

He laid the blame of the failure to secure a deal squarely on Remainers.

He said: “In fact, a UK-US deal did at one stage look like a goer.

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“But successive Tory prime ministers chose not to do the deal because of the political flak they were getting from the very same Remoaners now proclaiming it to be the central goal of Brexit.

“Remainers circulated scare stories about chlorinated chicken ending up on supermarket shelves.

“They even warned that the NHS would be sold off to giant US corporations during the 2019 General Election.”

Mr O’Flynn continued: “Ultimately, the price was too high for a deal to be struck, given the perfectly satisfactory state of UK-US trade under existing arrangements.

“But for the irrationally embittered Remainers, Remoaners and Rejoiners of the parliamentary Labour Party, there is clearly only one thing worse than Britain doing a free-trade deal with the US.

“And that is Britain not doing a free-trade deal with the US.

“The only thing they are selling themselves is humbug.”

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