Penny Mordaunt eviscerates Labour with brilliant five-word swipe

Penny Mordaunt brands Labour ‘bunch of old bollards’

Penny Mordaunt gave Labour both barrels today over claims the Government is not getting much business done.

The Commons leader insisted ministers are “using our time well” as she branded Sir Keir Starmer’s party “obstacles” and “blockers”.

Ms Mordaunt was responding to criticism from shadow Commons leader Thangam Debbonaire.

Ms Debbonaire said: “It was incredibly frustrating to see this worn-out Tory Government shut up shop and clear out of here before 2pm on Tuesday.

“The House has regularly risen early for months because of thin Government business. How are Tory ministers spending their time? Because they are clearly not delivering in their departments.”

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But Ms Mordaunt insisted ministers “are delivering, and we are using our time well”.

The Conservative Cabinet minister, who stole the show with her sword-carrying role at the King’s Coronation last month, went on to annihilate Labour.

She said: “Rather than Labour who are billing themselves as some kind of dynamo standing up for hard-working families, they have consistently demonstrated their lack of support for hard-working families.

“Not so much up the workers but stuff the workers.

“No condemnation of hard-left unions coordinating strikes bringing misery to millions of British citizens.

“No condemnation for the extreme protest tactics of Extinction Rebellion or Just Stop Oil who get in the way of hard-working people trying to get to work, collecting their kids from school or getting their loved ones to hospital.

“Labour has consistently voted to weaken the Public Order Act and they have voted against protecting the public.

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“While we have been strengthening police powers to lock people up, Labour has been promoting the merits of people locking on.

“They have always got in the way of people getting about their business and they’ve turned the nanny state into an art form.”

Ms Mordaunt said that where Labour are in power they are “getting in the way again”.

She said: “In Wales rather than help you get a GP appointment, the Labour government are trying to stop you from buying a meal deal.

“In London, their Mayor is frustrating businesses and hiking household taxes in the ill-thought-out, unravelling ULEZ scheme.

“Labour are obstacles and they are blockers, they’re a load of old bollards.”

Ms Mordaunt said that if the shadow cabinet wants to “disprove that” they should do three things.

She said: “They should stand up and condemn the protests of Just Stop Oil, they should hand back their associated donations and they should do their 34th policy U-turn of the year and reverse their illogical stance on North Sea oil and gas which is a barrier to our national security, growth and investment, increasing household incomes, and our ability to cut emissions.”

Ms Mordaunt finished by adding: “As I say, a load of old bollards.”

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