Peter Bone reveals extraordinary email on persecuted Afghans A lie – they are Taliban!

Peter Bone discusses 'extraordinary' email on Afghan 'persecution'

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The MP for Wellingborough sparked security concerns in the House of Commons after revealing an email plea to evacuate civilians from Afghanistan was from the Taliban. Peter Bone revealed that his constituent admitted to the masquerade in a later email. He told MPs: “Like many members, I’ve had emails from Afghans in this country worried about their people back in Afghanistan and the Home Office and Foreign Office have managed to get some of those people relocated.

“But I have the extraordinary situation where I had a very detailed email about these Afghans who are being persecuted, who had worked for the British and it was very detailed and they produced all the documentation.

“The following day my constituent wrote to me and said, ‘I’m really sorry, it’s a complete lie. These people are Taliban and I can’t go through with this masquerade.’

“I just wonder whether we should be on guard against getting such people into this country?”

Boris Johnson responded: “My honourable friend will be relieved as I’m sure many in this house that from the very beginning the very highest possible security checks are in place to make sure people are who they say they are and we receive to this country the people who genuinely deserve to come here.”

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