Plain broke! Labour in disarray as Party forced to cut jobs amid furious union backlash

Bercow not doing ’any favours’ for Labour Party says Nawaz

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David Evans, Labour’s general secretary, presented the NEC with the party’s plans to recover from the current financial situation. The website LabourList reported that Mr Evans said during Tuesday’s meeting: “We don’t have any money”.

The dire situation means Labour is now considering cutting up to a quarter of all staff in a bid to save money for a future general election.

Employees have been offered voluntary redundancy which included a severance package of three weeks’ pay for each year they have served.

Tuesday’s review is said to have included a recommendation that up to 90 jobs are cut.

Trade unions have hit out at the party over the proposition.

Labour’s biggest donor, Unite, said: “While working-class communities are continuing to bear the brunt of the sickness and employment worries made much worse by Conservative mishandling of the pandemic, Labour is abandoning the field of battle against this government to turn its fire on its members instead.”

Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party had previously come under fire over its ability to oppose Boris Johnson’s Conservative Government.

Speaking on BBC Politics Live, Labour MP Rosie Duffield lashed out at the lack of unity within the party and how it looked “ridiculous and ineffective”.

She said: “You know, I think it would be great to have Labour more united.

“But this broad church argument is always brought out by factional people.

“We are so broad, we need to at least stand for some of the same things. We cannot provide an effective opposition if we don’t know what we stand for.

“We can’t if we are still arguing about that or who our leader is forever. We just look ridiculous and ineffective at the moment.

“Keir is trying to curtail that and to make us look united and that is a good step in the right direction.”

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