Playing into Putins hands Tory MP issues dire Tory leadership warning amid Partygate

Partygate: Tory MP issues dire Tory leadership warning

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Andrew Bowie has defended the Prime Minister despite partygate calls for Boris Johnson to resign. The Conservative MP claimed Boris Johnson should maintain his leadership and continue his involvement in the global effort to defend Ukraine from Russian invasion. Mr Bowie argued the removal of the Prime Minister would, at this point in the conflict, “play into Vladimir Putin’s hands” by weakening Ukrainian allies. The Tory MP denied writing to the Conservative Party 1922 Committee to oppose Boris Johnson following the recent revelations of the partygate scandal.

Appearing alongside host Iain Dale on LBC, Mr Bowie was asked if the resignation of Boris Johnson would cause “instability and insecurity” for the country.

The Conservative MP agreed a change in leadership would cause uncertainty across the UK but also “regarding the situation in Ukraine.”

Mr Bowie argued the removal of the Prime Minister would be a “play into Vlaidimir Putin’s hands” as the conflict in Ukraine reaches a “pivotal moment”.

The MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine has come out in support of the Prime Minister and has confirmed he would not call for a motion of no-confidence against Boris Johnson.

LBC presenter Iain Dale was quick to combat Mr Bowie’s claims of international risk as he highlighted historical leadership changes.

Dale asserted the UK changed leadership in 1916 “in the middle of the First World War,” and again in 1940, during the Second World War.

The LBC host further highlighted the shift from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to John Major during the Gulf War.

The broadcaster described the change of leadership amid international conflict as “not unprecedented”.

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Mr Bowie continued to maintain the Ukraine crisis is a “very different situation,” compared to past incidents of international conflict.

The Tory MP insisted Boris Johnson is vital to the defence of Ukraine as he has led a “global effort” against Putin’s forces.

He suggested the removal of the Prime Minister would weaken the international front against “Russian aggression” and would risk the safety of thousands of Ukrainians.

He described calls for Boris Johnson to resign as an “act of folly”.

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Mr Bowie called upon MPs and the nation to “focus on supporting the Government” during this period of global unrest.

A selection of disgruntled Conservative representatives have publicly condemned the actions of the Prime Minister after Boris Johnson received a fine for breaching lockdown restrictions as part of the ongoing partygate investigation.

Tory MPs who oppose the Prime Minister are able to submit letters of no-confidence to the 1922 Committee of backbench Conservative MPs.

However, at least 15 percent of Conservative ministers must declare their no-confidence stance to the Committee before an official motion can be launched, meaning 54 letters would be required.

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