Police officers speak to Nicola Sturgeon after she broke her OWN Covid face mask rules

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Footage posted to social media showed the SNP leader in a barbershop in East Kilbride, speaking with local residents without a face covering.

Police Scotland said they got in touch with the First Minister after receiving a number of complaints.

Police Scotland added they reminded Ms Sturgeon of wearing a face covering when legal requirements were in place.

But the force determined no further action was necessary.

Ms Sturgeon said she “immediately” put on her face covering when she realised she had forgotten to do so “within seconds” of entering the shop on Saturday.

She added: “However, I accept that not wearing a face covering even for a few seconds was an error on my part and I am sorry for that.”

Ms Sturgeon said the police followed the correct protocol for ensuring mask wearing in Scotland when the rules were still in place.

The SNP leader said: “This is what they would have done with anyone else in these circumstances, and they were absolutely right to treat me no differently to any other citizen.

“I explained that the error was inadvertent and the police have confirmed that the matter is closed.

“While the law no longer requires face coverings to be worn, I will continue to do so in circumstances where this can help reduce the risk of infection, and I encourage everyone to do likewise.”

The legal requirement to wear a face covering in crowded indoor spaces and on public transport in Scotland ended on Monday.


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