Poll shows most want Sunak to call general election before autumn 2024

Rishi Sunak quizzed on whether he’s trusted by Tory party

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to call a general election in the autumn of next year to give the Conservative Party the best chances. The Daily Telegraph reports that October and November have been provisionally marked by Downing Street. However, a new Express.co.uk poll has shown 52 percent think he should call an election much sooner.

The planned date means Mr Sunak will be two years into his premiership, allowing time for his policies to be implemented and the economy to stabilise. Sources believe this will maximise his chances, with aides reportedly rejecting plans for a spring election due to the size of the “political repair job”.

A decision is not due to be made until nearer the time but the latest a general election can be held is January 2025.

In a poll that ran from midday on Tuesday, April 11, to 2pm on Tuesday, April 18, Express.co.uk asked readers: “Should Rishi Sunak call a general election sooner than autumn 2024?”

A total of 1,040 votes were received, with 52 percent (544 people) answering, “yes”, he should call a general election sooner, compared with 46 percent (482 people) who said, “no”. A further 14 people said they did not know.

Dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on when the next general election should be called.

Some readers argued that Britons should head to the polls before the end of the Conservative’s term, with username Grim Reaper writing: “The sooner the better.” Similarly, username pauldenton said: “The sooner we get rid of [Jeremy] Hunt and Sunak the better.”

Other readers, however, commented that Mr Sunak should hold out on calling an election. Username thenogg said: “Hope he waits till the polls get better.”

Another, username ken2020 wrote: “No, certainly no sooner than the end of 2024 and maybe not then if the situation hasn’t improved.”

While username Klingon warrior remarked: “It would be a gamble either way for Sunak.”

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