‘Power is going to her head!’ IDS dismantles ‘Scroogy’ Sturgeon’s demands for independence

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The former Conservative leader told TalkRADIO he believed power is going to Nicola Sturgeon’s head after the First Minister announced she will fight for a second independence referendum to take place as soon as 2021. Sir Iain said: “She has used her position throughout the pandemic dramatically to try and make the case for independence.

“They’ve trashed everything that’s come out of the UK Government – there are problems, I know – but they’ve deliberately set out to trash that.

“Their own figures aren’t that brilliant and they’ve had real problems with education and everything else.

“But they constantly turn it around and blame the UK. They blame, blame, blame, blame, blame the UK.

“Meanwhile we’re chucking over £2billion under the new spending assessment up to Scotland.

“I’m happy with that because I believe in the United Kingdom. But she won’t say thank you for that.

“She won’t say we get most of our money not from the European Union but from the UK taxpayers, which is fine.

“I think what’s happening is power is going to her head.

“These daily press conferences that she continues to do are all about selling the Scottish National Party as much as anything else.”

Echoing Sir Iain’s comments, radio host Dan Wootton said: “I’m calling her ‘Scroogy Sturgeon from now on.

“That’s my new nickname!”

The First Minister said an independence referendum that could wrench apart the United Kingdom after Brexit should take place in the earlier part of the devolved parliament’s next term, which begins next year.

If there was another referendum and if Scots voted out, it would mark the biggest shock to the United Kingdom since Irish independence a century ago – just as London grapples with the impact of Brexit.

The pro-independence Scottish National Party leader said she anticipates that a vote will take place “in the earlier part” of the next Scottish parliament, which begins next year.

“The referendum for a whole variety of reasons should be in the earlier part of the next parliament,” Scottish First Minister Sturgeon told the BBC.

Scots voted 55-45 percent against independence in a 2014 referendum but both Brexit and the British government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis have bolstered support for independence among Scots.

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The past 14 opinion surveys have shown that Scots support independence. Those surveys show support ranging from 51-59 percent though views on independence have been volatile over previous years with most polls in 2017-2019 showing Scots opposed to breaking up the United Kingdom.

The SNP is expected to perform strongly in elections to the Scottish parliament in May.

Ms Sturgeon will argue that winning that election would be a mandate for another independence referendum.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the 2014 independence referendum was decisive and a once in a generation event, so should be respected.

His Government says there should not be another independence referendum in the near future.

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