Rejoin will win next referendum! Grayling outlines plot to force UK back into EU by 2030

Brexit has been a 'pretty big disaster' says Lord Adonis

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The author and philosopher has been a vocal critic of Brexit and has continued to campaign for Britain to return to the EU. And now, Mr Grayling has predicted the UK will rejoin the bloc in less than 10 years.

Taking to Twitter, the rejoiner said: “We will be back in the EU in less than 10 years.

“Here’s how: electoral reform, through progressive alliance for next election.

“A reformed parliament with LDs & Greens in the coalition will be receptive to another say on EU membership.

“We will win that referendum conclusively.”

However, many people took to social media to hit back at the rejoiner with many claiming he is disillusioned.

One person tweeted: “Jesus, haven’t they come and sectioned you yet?

“Get help! You are obsessed and not well.”

Another added: “Daydreaming again Tone.”

Someone else said: “Literally nothing you predict ever comes close to happening.”

A fourth person echoed: “Yeah, good luck with that one.

“I still remember your Twitter bio around three years ago which read: ‘Brexit must be stopped – and stopped it shall be’.

“You were wrong then – and you’re wrong now!”

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Another person said: “Electoral reform? Careful what you wish for.

“Had there been PR in 2015 how many seats would UKIP have won?

“Not to mention the PR referendum a decade ago.”

Someone else commented: “Politically naive and downright ignorant of the British public.

“A case of upper-class twaddle.”

Many others pointed out that the EU will not exist in 10 years’ time following the rise of Euroscepticism across the bloc.

Earlier this month, Mr Grayling outlined a plan to take down Boris Johnson Johnson in the next election.

He tweeted: “A progressive alliance and electoral reform are our salvation.

“Citizens must form relentless pressure groups to get the opposition parties in their areas to field a single candidate on a PR platform for the next election – afterwards the parties can return to tribal squabbling.”

His plan comes despite the British public not expected to vote in the next general election until May 2024.

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