Russia war threat: Furious LBC host schools caller blaming US beating drums of war

Russia: LBC host schools caller blaming US 'bearing drums of war'

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LBC host Tom Swarbrick battled with phone-in caller Ahmed who claimed the US is “beating the drums of war” with Ukraine and Russia. Mr Swarbrick explained to the phone-in caller that Russian President Vladimir Putin has amassed nearly 130,000 troops on the Ukraine border. Caller Ahmed praised Russia and started to discuss world war two history, claiming that Russia sacrificed 28m people to strop Hitler’s directorial plan to take over Europe with his fascist ideology.

Ahmed insisted that America was pulling all the strings behind the tense situation, claiming that America will decide if a conflict takes place between Russia and neighbouring Ukraine.

Caller Ahmed said: “I mean, their military complex they’re the ones that benefit who sell billions of dollars of weapons all over the world.”

Mr Swarbrick said: “Ahmed, who do you think should get to decide what happens to Ukraine and its potential membership of NATO?

“Should that be Ukraine’s decision alongside NATO or  should that decision be taken out of their hands by NATO countries?”

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Ahmed said: “It’s America who will decide, there are no two ways about it Tom, it’s America who will decide.

“Because if they want to carry on… They have not learned anything from their failed military adventures in the rest of the world.

“It’s all there, It’s all documented, you know that it resulted in millions of people dying.”

Mr Swarbrick said: “So a Russian military adventure you can live with?”

Caller Ahmed said: “No but you can’t carry on like this – penalising corporations with each other, economic progress.”

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Mr Swarbrick added: “I feel with the greatest respect, there’s a whiff of Munich coming off you at the moment.

Caller Ahmed said: “If it wasn’t for Russia, we’d probably still be under Hitler, they sacrificed more than 28m people.

The LBC host said: “I mean they did, absolutely, you’re right they made a huge effort to defeat fascism and that was a long time ago and things have changed as you know.”

The intense situation with Russian troops on Ukraine’s border is due to Mr Putin not wanting neighbouring Ukraine to align itself with the West via membership to NATO.

Major General Chip Chapman broke down the tense situation and speculated on what Russia may do next, as many experts have been warning that an attack on Ukrainian soil could be imminent.

Speculating on the Russian President’s plans, Mr Chapman said: “First one is control of the air. 

“So the Russians will pulverise the airfields of Ukraine and make sure they’ve got air supremacy.

“The second and third thing is will be a surprise and shock action, that is where you have the psychological dissertation of people on the border.

“It is that which is the key variable because I think they’ll do three things first the shock and surprise, will try and get them to Kyiv, 60 miles from the border of with Belarus very, very quickly.

“If they get there, they can circle and then the key variable which you never know about in war, is what is the view of the government and how were they reacted?

“Will they collapse as they did in Afghanistan? And what is the view of the people will they resist.”

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