Rwanda policy slammed by Ben Habib as Tory project stuck in the mud

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Ben Habib has slammed the Conservatives’ plans to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, in spite of the deportation policy itself being declared legally acceptable. Speaking to Nigel Farage on GB News, the former MEP laid out the holes in the scheme, blasting as it as a “typical” Government project getting “stuck in the mud”.

While the policy has been officially pronounced as lawful, the judge ruled that the Tories did not “properly consider the circumstances” of those selected for deportation.

Lord Justice Lewis quashed the verdict to remove eight people who launched legal challenges against being sent to the African country, saying they must be reconsidered by the Home Secretary.

However he added: “We have concluded that it is lawful for the Government to make arrangements for relocating asylum seekers to Rwanda and for their asylum claims to be determined in Rwanda rather than the UK.”

Mr Habib said on GB News: “It’s absolutely typical of the Conservative party to come up with a massive headline, a new policy and suddenly you find the whole project gets stuck in the mud.

“Ultimately it’s a case by case debate.

“It doesn’t matter that in principle the Rwandan plan doesn’t breach human rights legislation, because when it comes to hearing people’s cases they will be taken one by one.

“And if someone claims that they were subject to servitude, enslavement, sexual abuse or whatever it is you then are stuck in the British judicial system.

“The Rwandan plan was never going to work was it Nigel?”

He continued: “The programme is legal, but will it be legal to deport anyone pursuant to that programme?

“That’s the big question. And it’s the second question where the Rwandan plan is sadly lacking.”

The former Brexit Party member also revealed that the Government has paid the country an amount equivalent to 1.5 percent of the Rwandan GDP.

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Mr Habib added: “It was money from the British Government to effectively to play the 24 hour news cycle, to get the headlines the Tory party wanted.

“They’re missing the point, they still won’t be able to implement it.”

He also acknowledged that the policy only applies to single men and that the UK has to be willing to take people back from Rwanda as well.

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