Sadiq Khan sparks backlash after London Mayor dismisses complaints as ‘Tory propaganda’

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Sadiq Khan sparked a furious backlash after he refused to admit any mistakes he had made as London Mayor. Mr Khan appeared on LBC on Friday morning to speak with Londoners, but repeatedly dismissed criticism as “Tory propaganda”. He even claimed several callers were “planted questions from the Tories”.

This prompted one listener, Jane, to switch off from the LBC phone-in.

Host James O’Brien said: “Speaking of livelihoods, you seem to be damaging mine.

“Jane has switched off. She has said, ‘I’m sorry. I tried. I cannot listen to this tripe.

“‘When will the mayor ever admit that he does get it wrong at times?’ What do you admit to having got wrong?”

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Mr Khan repeatedly refused to answer this question, instead choosing to praise his own record.

He said: “I am really happy to talk about my record, Jane.

“Last year we began more council homes than any year.”

This prompted Mr O’Brien to interrupt: “But, she wants to know what you have got wrong!”

Mr Khan said: “Well, she will have a chance to decide in May, whether I have done a better job than the other guy.

“I won’t admit my mistakes to you when you have Tories listening.”

During the phone-in session, Mr Khan also received several calls from Londoners furious about the “gridlock and mayhem” on London’s roads, following the new cycle lanes.

He told one caller, who claimed Mr Khan had “bankrupted” Transport for London: “Danny, don’t make the mistake of reading Tory propaganda.”

“It will make you go blind and say stupid things.


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A Conservative Assembly Member Susan Hall tweeted: “Sadiq Khan would rather spend his time blaming others for anything that goes wrong. He is a disaster for London.”

One listener said: “We see & hear you. Make no mistake your ineptness is not Tory propaganda. Londoners know what a complete mess you have made of the capital, no one has to tell us.

“Streets unsafe, TFL in debt, & you spend time spouting about matters that are not your concern. Resign.”

Another tweeted: “Khans approach to all questions is… Not my responsibility or, My responsibility but need more money and government won’t give me any!”

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