Scottish nationalists could ‘prise the UK apart’ in post-Brexit chaos claims Hague

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The former Tory leader accused Scottish nationalists of creating obstacles in future post-Brexit trade deals. He described how they wanted to argue for different standards and regulations in Scotland than in other parts of the United Kingdom, particularly when it concerned foodstuffs. Mr Hague said: “The SNP say they have the right to set rules on such matters as food standards in Scotland.

“They say that London’s proposals for mutual recognition of standards inside the UK are a power grab.”

Mr Hague also shared his fears the Scottish election in nine months’ time might create a catalyst for the break-up of the UK.

He argued Nicola Sturgeon will see the election as a litmus test for Scotland’s readiness for another independence referendum.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph the former Tory leader said: “The SNP, if victorious, will claim a mandate for a new referendum.”

Mr Hague then challenged the SNP’s record in dealing with the coronavirus crisis and insisted the popularity of Nicola Sturgeon is not going to be a long term performance.

He said: “The popularity of Sturgeon and her party belies their poor record.

“Lauded for their handling of the Covid crisis, they have presided over an even worse situation in care homes than in England or Wales.

“And the rate of excess deaths in Scotland in recent months has been the third-worst in Europe after England and Spain.”


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Mr Hague had a warning for the resurgence of nationalism in Scotland.

He spoke of how, “nationalism feeds easily on the restless discontent of recent years”.

His comments come the latest polling results from Panelbase showed that support at independence was at 54 percent.

However new Scottish Tories leader Douglas Ross has unveiled plans to challenge the SNP’s dominance in Scotland.

Mr Ross even suggested the push for Scottish independence could be a non-issue by next May.

He added: “We must be united in our efforts to restore and rebuild Scotland’s economy.

“We cannot allow the old, divisive constitutional grievances to distract us from the essential task of working together to improve the lives of Scots.”

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