Singapore GE2020: Reform Party apologises to Radin Mas voters for candidate who missed constituency political broadcast recording

SINGAPORE – The Reform Party (RP) has apologised to Radin Mas SMC voters for its candidate, Mr Kumar Appavoo, who did not manage to record the constituency political broadcast on Tuesday (July 7).

In a statement, party chairman Andy Zhu said this was an “unfortunate event that has happened under unforeseen circumstances which resulted in us missing the recording”.

“We therefore hope for your kind understanding,” said Mr Zhu.

He added that Mr Appavoo, who is contesting the SMC against 48-year-old Melvin Yong of the People’s Action Party, will present his speech to voters on his social media platforms.

Mr Appavoo, 51, is the fourth RP candidate to miss the constituency political broadcasts.

Last Friday, only two of the party’s five candidates for Ang Mo Kio GRC were featured in their constituency political broadcast. They were Mr Charles Yeo, 30, and Ms Noraini Yunus, 52.

RP secretary-general Kenneth Jeyaretnam, 61; Mr Zhu, 37; and Mr Darren Soh, 52, were not present.

Mr Yeo told The Straits Times on Friday that Mr Jeyaretnam was still serving a mandatory 14-day stay-home notice after returning to Singapore from the United Kingdom on June 25.

Mr Soh was ill on the day of the recording, while Mr Zhu was not let into the recording studio after “rushing from an earlier place”, he added.

“The main point is we are very short-handed and limited on resources fighting this campaign,” Mr Yeo said.

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