SNP cranking up plans for second independence referendum Absolutely on the move!

SNP is 'on the move to IndyRef2' says Oswald

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Kirsten Oswald said the SNP is moving forward with the party’s plan to launch a second referendum for Scottish independence from the UK. The deputy Westminster leader condemned the leadership of the Tory Government and argued the Conservatives held no power to prevent a further referendum vote. BBC Scotland host Martin Geissler confronted the SNP politician on her party’s plans: “Do you think, Kirsten Oswald,  that we will be voting in an independence referendum in Scotland by the end of next year?”

Ms Oswald said: “It’s not for the Conservatives to say we’re not having an independence referendum.”

The BBC broadcaster countered the claims of the SNP representative: “Well, it is to an extent because it’s in their gift, they have to grant the right to a referendum.

“Do you think you will have won that argument successfully, settled everything, we will have had a campaign and we will be in the polling booths voting in IndyRef 2 by the end of next year?”

The SNP politician insisted: “I think that we absolutely are on the move to a referendum.

“The First Minister has been very clear on our position in terms of timing and what we would like to see.

She continued: “I really do look forward to things cranking up in terms of that conversation.

“I would reflect again that it is absolutely not democratically possible for the Conservatives to keep suggesting that this won’t happen.

“It’s not up to them, it’s up to the people in Scotland,” she argued.

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The SNP have pledged to hold a second vote as the party strongly advocates for an independent Scottish nation.

The 2021 SNP manifesto promised to deliver “Scotland’s future in an independence referendum once the covid crisis is over.”

As part of their manifesto, the party assured voters a second independence referendum would take place within the “first half of the five year term.”

Ms Oswald declared the Westminster government would have no democratic power to delay an independence referendum vote providing the party had the support of the Scottish population.

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Just over 55 percent of voters chose to remain part of the UK in the 2014 referendum.

Nicola Sturgeon has remained adamant Scotland should be given the opportunity to vote again on the country’s independence following the Brexit referendum decision to leave the EU.

The most recent polling data suggested only one-third of Scots supported the call for a further independence referendum.

Despite the opinion poll research, the SNP remains fiercely opposed to the governing of Scotland by the majority Tory Westminster government.

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