Starmer pact with SNP will see a third of Labour voters desert party

Techne UK chief executive Morizzo explains this week's polls

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An exclusive poll has revealed that a third of Labour voters would abandon the party if they believe Sir Keir Starmer would consider a pact with Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. The findings by Techne UK for reveal that 32 percent of Labour voters are less likely to support the party in those circumstances. Overall almost half of all voters polled (45 percent) would be less likely to back Labour.

The results have echoes of 2015 in the wake of the Scottish Independence referendum the year before.

With support for Scottish Labour collapsing north of the Border and the SNP increasing their seats from six to 56 in an astonishing result, the Tories won the election by warning of a Labour/ SNP alliance.

A picture of the then Labour leader Ed Miliband in the pocket of the then SNP leader Alex Salmond were circulated around the UK leading to the Conservatives under David Cameron winning a majority for the first time since the 1992 election.

Tory strategists now plan to run the same campaign for the 2024 election with little prospect of Labour winning back its seats in Scotland.

In a recent interview with, Tory chairman Jake Berry said: “A Labour vitory would put the United Kingdom at risk because Starmer would have to do some sort of deal with the SNP which would almost certainly involve a second [independence] referendum.”

Currently, Labour’s policy is to rule out a deal with the SNP who are attempting to force a second referendum in a case in the Supreme Court at the moment.

Sir Keir and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar have insisted that they would not in any circumstances make a deal with Sturgeon.

And at the moment polling suggests Labour could easily win an election without the need of any other party.

The Techne UK tacker poll for gives Starmer a 24-point lead which, according to Electoral Calculus, would hand Labour a 302-seat majority.

However, most analysts believe that with an election not taking place for two years and an expectation that Liz Truss will be replaced as Prime Minister, the polls will significantly narrow and Labour cannot be guaranteed a majority.

One former Labour MP said: “At the moment Starmer’s strategy is to sit back and say nothing or offer nothing.

“It appears to be a strategy of hoping to win because the Government is messing everything up so badly and leaving them to it.

“But in the end, if you don’t offer a real alternative and serious ideas that strategy rapidly unravels, particularly if the Conservatives get their act together again.”

The findings by Techne UK, who interviewed 1,624 voters last week, show that Labour would struggle in the Red Wall seats with any prospect of an SNP deal with 93 percent of Leave voters and 44 percent of the lowest economic groups less likely to vote for Starmer in those circumstances.

Only 4 percent of voters overall would be more likely to vote for Labour including 12 percent of Lib Dems and 15 percent of Greens.


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