Starmers abandoned us! Femi slams Labour leader for trying to make Brexit work

Brexit: Femi Oluwole discusses Keir Starmer's 'obligations'

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The Labour leader stressed the need to “make Brexit work”, after having said that he would not seek to re-enter the EU if Labour came to power. Sir Keir said a Labour Goverment would back businesses to “buy, make and sell in Britain”. But he has been slammed for his comments by political activist Femi Oluwole.

Speaking to Jeremy Vine, Mr Oluwole said: “There is no reason to believe that things will get easier.

“Boris Johnson said if we change our rules it makes us more competitive in the EU.

“The deal that we signed says there will be consequences for that in terms of our trade and there is no reason to believe it will get better because those barriers aren’t going anywhere.”

Asked if he thinks Sir Keir is “wrong” for his comments, the political commentator added: “Keir Starmer has an obligation to say, ‘anything in the Brexit deal which is hurting the British people, I will change’.

“The problems with fishermen, farming and small businesses. He needs to change those whether that’s by joining or renogiating, that needs to happen.”

Mr Oluwole later wrote on Twitter: “My problem is NOT that Starmer isn’t supporting Rejoin.

“My problem is he’s abandoning those being hurt by Brexit. My problem is him spreading the lie that Brexit can be good.

“My problem is his “Make Brexit Work” quotes will be used to damage the trust in a future electoral pact.”

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With Parliament in recess, the Labour leader is currently touring the North of England and the Midlands, taking his “contract with the British people” directly to voters.

Criticising the Government for not investing in manufacturing jobs across the UK, Sir Keir said: “It’s not enough to just leave the EU and think the job is done: we must now make Brexit work. That means backing the places that powered our country to get our economy motoring again.

“For too long the decline of manufacturing has been treated as if it was inevitable and irreversible. I will never accept that. But these figures show how the Government’s failure to back British business has led to a shocking decline in the number of jobs.”

In an analysis of ONS data, Labour claims that the number of jobs in manufacturing fell by 93,000 between the end of 2009 and the end of 2021.


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This includes 16,000 jobs lost in the North of England and 18,500 jobs lost in the Midlands. Between 2010 and 2020, Germany added nearly one million manufacturing jobs.

Ahead of a visit to Burnley on the second day of his tour, Sir Keir added: “The next Labour government would support our manufacturers with practical plans to buy, make and sell in Britain.

“We would be as ambitious for towns and cities across the country as they are for themselves, investing in skills, technology, and quality jobs – so that people once again feel the benefits of British industry.

“This is personal to me. My dad was a toolmaker, so I know the pride that comes with creating and building things – and the pain felt when the Tories dismantle that hard work.

“That’s why it’s a crucial part of my contract with the British people, which will build a new Britain that guarantees security, prosperity and respect for all.”

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