Sturgeon nightmare! Scottish independence to cause £15bn black hole Cant fill with oil!

Indyref2: John McTernan warns of ‘hikes in taxation’

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The political strategist insisted Scotland should think twice before seceding from the UK as the country heavily depends on the £15m. Mr McTernan, who was Tony Blair’s former adviser from 2005 and 2007, stressed that having to make do without the annual fiscal transfer from the UK would place Scotland in an invidious position economically which oil “can’t fill”. Nicola Sturgeon has maintained she wants to hold a new referendum by 2023 but Boris Johnson reiterated that he has reservations about potential Scottish independence, saying that it would be nothing short of an “economic disaster”.

In an interview with GB News, Mr McTernand criticised the Scottish National Party saying: “It’s clear the nationalists can’t work out how to answer the questions.

“How can Scotland lose 15 billion pounds a year over fiscal transfer from the rest of the UK without massive cuts?

“Because £15 billion a year more spent on public services, Scotland has raised in taxation.

“They now can’t fill it with all revenues because the oil is now running out.

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“And the SNP are committed to keeping oil and gas in the North Sea.”

When asked if hinging on England’s taxpayers “belittles” Scotland and whether they are “playing” England “game”, Mr McTernan responded with an empathic “No”.

He said: “No. Look, I don’t think so because after a certain point facts are so big they can’t be denied.

“And the SNP’s attempts to go is all about heart, it’s not about head.

Boris Johnson praises SNP’s ‘attitude’ towards freeports

“Seriously? £15 billion, that’s the signs of the funding of the whole NHS of Scotland.

“It’s a lot of money!”

He believes that Scotland would be able to survive even without the £15m at stake from the UK but the residents would have to dig deep into their own pockets as “massive” rises in taxation and borrowing would become inevitable to fund public transport.

He said: “Of course, Scotland could be independent, it’s just it couldn’t have public services at the same level it has at the moment without massive hikes in taxation and massive hikes in borrowing!”


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Mr Johnson said that the COVID-19 pandemic should have taught Scotland that they are better off remaining in the UK.

He said:  “Just look at the experience of the last two years.

“Scotland and the whole of the UK has benefited massively from the might of the UK Exchequer, the UK Treasury, whether it is through furlough or any of the other things that we’ve done together.

“I think most people could see that it would be an economic disaster to split up our country. T

“That is why it is just not going to happen.”

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