Sturgeons replacement needs to learn from her failures

Nicola Sturgeon’s ‘litany of failures’ outlined by Hill

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Scotland’s richest brothers James and Sandy Easdale have condemned Nicola Sturgeon’s “anti-business” agenda as First Minister and warned her predecessor needs to learn from her mistakes. Their intervention comes as the leadership contest to replace Ms Sturgeon hots up with early favourite Kate Forbes courting controversy with her views on gay marriage and children born out of wedlock.

Speaking exclusively to, Sandy Easdale hit out at Ms Sturgeon’s “abysmal record” in government and warned her successor would need to fix Scotland after 16 years of Sturgeon and Alex Salmond as First Minister before her.

He said: “The legacy of Sturgeon is that all too often she forgot businesses and focussed on meaningless woke issues for the soundbite value, that’s not what Scotland needed most.

“The new leader has to step in where she failed – on schools, the NHS and social services.

“A new arrival will also have to remember independent businesses, the very backbone of Scotland’s economy.”

He highlighted two-year hospital waiting lists, falling schools standards which are below those of England despite Scotland getting more money per head of population, and Scotland being the drugs death capital of Europe.

Mr Easdale said: “With public services being in crisis why was Sturgeon spending months focusing on the gender self-ID issue?”

“In her speech, she talked about her own hardships during the pandemic but she should try having to find the money to pay 3,000 staff and keep jobs and families intact.

“My brother, James, and I know what it is like to be at the coalface, to face the challenge of keeping things afloat amid historically testing conditions.

“The new leader must take lessons from what has happened and not just repeat Sturgeon’s mistakes.”

Billionaire entrepreneurs Sandy and James Easdale made their fortune with bus and transport company as well as a property portfolio.

They have previously been directors of Rangers and are lonstanding critics of the SNP and their push for independence.

Currently, Humza Yousaf, Ms Sturgeon’s protege and Glasgow MSP, is favourite to win the leadership on another leftwing ticket.

His main rival Finance Secretary Kate Forbes has become bogged down in controversy over her traditional Christian views.

Meanwhile, Ash Regan, an Edinburgh MSP who resigned from Sturgeon’s government over gender reform, is hoping to come through as the compromise candidate.


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