Taken for granted Lib Dems blast Boris after celebrating gains against Labour and Tories

Liberal Democrats make historic Chesham and Amersham victory

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The Liberal Democrats look as though they have bounced back from an electoral drubbing in 2015 after they made successful gains in Chesham & Amersham and North Shropshire last year. However, Sir Ed Davey’s party has made even more inroads in yesterday’s local elections, often at the expense of Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party.

The Tories lost as many as 57 councillors by 3.30am, including some in Brexit-backing Brentwood to the Liberal Democrats.

The Liberal Democrats have so far increased its net contingent by 30.

Looking at the results, Sarah Olney told Express.co.uk: “These latest Lib Dem gains in Essex show we are beating the Conservatives right across the country.

“This builds on our stunning by-election victories last year in North Shropshire and Chesham and Amersham.

“From Colchester to Oxfordshire, voters are fed up with being taken for granted by Boris Johnson, seeing their taxes hiked and sewage pumped in their rivers.”

The Liberal Democrats have also set their sights on taking a flagship council from the Conservatives.

A source told Express.co.uk: “We are 99 percent sure the Conservatives will lose control of West Oxfordshire.”

West Oxfordshire, which voted to remain in the 2016 referendum, also includes David Cameron’s former constituency Witney.

A Tory source in Oxfordshire told Express.co.uk: “Counting of ballots hasn’t started yet so it’s still all to play for.

“We ran a positive campaign focusing on local issues and put forward candidates in all 16 seats whereas the Liberal Democrats and Greens done deals to boost their votes.”

However, Sir Ed Davey’s party has also gained the first council of the night after it snatched Kingston-upon-Hull out of Labour’s hands.

The Liberal Democrats gained three wards in the East Riding city as its total number of councillors increased to 29.

Labour lost just two councillors, which reduced their overall contingent to 27.

However, the Conservatives also faced a wipe-out in Hull as their sole councillor lost their seat.

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