The tiny volcanic island 4,000 miles away where illegal immigrants may be sent

Jenrick says Cooper 'misses the point entirely' over Rwanda c

Ministers are reportedly considering sending illegal migrants to Ascension Island as a “plan B” if the Rwanda policy fails.

The British overseas territory was previously considered as a location to process asylum seekers.

Ministers are said to believe the volanic island’s remote location 4,000 miles from the UK in the South Atlantic would be a strong deterrent for migrants planning to cross the Channel in small boats.

Using Britain’s overseas territories forms part of a range of “Plan B” contingencies being considered.

The Government is also in negotiations with at least five other countries for similar deals to the one agreed with Rwanda last year.

A senior government source told The Times: “It’s pragmatic to consider all options and it makes sense to draw up proposals to stop the boats that could work alongside our Rwanda policy.

“We’re still confident that our Rwanda scheme is lawful, but having alternative proposals on the table would provide us with a back-up if we’re frustrated legally.

“Voters would expect us to leave no stone unturned and that is the right and sensible thing to do.”

It comes as the plan to send illegal migrants on a one-way ticket to Rwanda has been stalled by legal challenges that will end up in the Supreme Court.

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