This isnt the BBC! Truss mocks GB News Alastair Stewart for not getting facts right

Liz Truss mocks BBC for 'not getting facts right'

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The Tory leadership hopeful mocked GB News presenter Alastair Stewart for questioning her on the wrong facts. Liz Truss was quick to correct him before pointing out GB News is “not the BBC”. Mr Stewart said: “A piece that you contributed to back in 2019, reform about budget considerations.”

Ms Truss interjected: “I think that was 2009, Alastair.”

The GB News host explained it was a “typo”.

Ms Truss continued: “I always thought you have high-quality standards at GB News.

“It’s no the BBC. You actually get your facts right.”

The audience erupted in laughter at the gag when Mr Stewart said the gag was not “rehearsed”.

More to follow…

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